Dog Grooming

We have a range of Dog Grooming services for all breed / types of dog. With options to add-on additional treatments such as a Spa Treatment.

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Spa Treatments

Your posh pooch can be bathed in luxurious aromatherapy oils that will ease stress and physical fatigue, relaxes joints and stimulates muscles.

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Grooming Matters

No matter what kind of dog you own, dog grooming is an essential part of a dog's health, stimulates the oils within the hair for a perfect coat.

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Dog Grooming Services - Bickerstaffe


You get drive to our fully equipped dog grooming facilities at Lathom Posh Pooches from Bickerstaffe in under 10-minutes. Head down Church Road and take a right onto Liverpool Road. Follow Liverpool Road to the end and take a left at the fork onto Lyelake Lane. Follow Lyelake lane past Warbreck Garden Centre and take a right onto Plough Lane. Turn left at the Plough Inn onto Spa Lane and continue onto Vale Lane. Keep an eye out for our bright pink Lathom Posh Pooches Dog Grooming sign, you can’t miss it!


One of our most sought after features in our Ozone Hydro-Massage Therapy Spa. It allows us to perform a wide variety of expert treatments such as;


Treatment of skin and hair conditions
With its strong anti-bacterial function our ozone Jacuzzi spa helps treat a wide range of skin and hair conditions such as seborrhoea, alopecia, yeast infections and skin allergies including atopic dermatitis and parasitic dermatitis. It also helps alleviate itching and soothes symptoms of hotspots and eczema. We highly recommend this treatment if your dog is experiencing heavy seasonal shedding.

Whole body massage
The tiny yet powerful bubbles and their rhythmic impact deliver a massaging effect to stimulate and activate body tissues. This relieves tension and fatigue, relaxes and balances, massages and encourage the production of red and white blood cells. Internal organs are stimulated, blood and lymph circulation are facilitated and muscles are relaxed.

Deep Cleansing
The Ozone Spa Bath gently loosens grease and dirt from your dog’s skins and fur. Powerful bubbles clean capillaries in the skin, bringing intense nourishment. This allows the skin tissue to breathe much better.


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Canine Dental Care

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Our opening times are Monday - Sunday, please call for details.