Dog Grooming

We have a range of Dog Grooming services for all breed / types of dog. With options to add-on additional treatments such as a Spa Treatment.

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Spa Treatments

Your posh pooch can be bathed in luxurious aromatherapy oils that will ease stress and physical fatigue, relaxes joints and stimulates muscles.

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Grooming Matters

No matter what kind of dog you own, dog grooming is an essential part of a dog's health, stimulates the oils within the hair for a perfect coat.

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Dog Grooming Services - Burscough


In the UK, 26% of households have at least one dog. To ensure all these dogs have the most professional and expert treatment we operate a first-class dog grooming spa and salon in Lathom, just a short 15-minute drive from Burscough. To find us, head down Briars Lane and take a right towards Lathom. Follow Hall Lane until you see the Plough Inn on the left-hand side. Take a left and continue onto Spa Lane then Vale Lane. We’re on Vale Lane so keep an eye out for our pink Lathom Posh Pooches Dog Grooming Sign!


We are fully qualified professional dog groomers, so our grooms are done to the highest standard. There are multiple treatment options available.


Some of the most popular are;


Revitalising treatment: an all-round general treatment to give back a sense of vitality ideally suited to nervous or timid dogs or those with past trauma.

Relaxing treatment: a restorative treatment to combat against the symptoms of tiredness and stress; great for agility, show and working dogs and active pets.

Circulation treatment: a treatment to reactivate blood circulation, suitable for elderly pooches or those who don't get a lot of exercise.

Reactivating treatment: this treatment reactivates the function of the cutis; ideal for those suffering from skin conditions, having heavy shedding or in need of restoring skin health.

Anti-stress treatment: great for relaxation and ideal for those having underwent a stressful situation such as moving home or hormonal imbalances.


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Our opening times are Monday - Sunday, please call for details.