Dog Grooming

We have a range of Dog Grooming services for all breed / types of dog. With options to add-on additional treatments such as a Spa Treatment.

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Spa Treatments

Your posh pooch can be bathed in luxurious aromatherapy oils that will ease stress and physical fatigue, relaxes joints and stimulates muscles.

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Grooming Matters

No matter what kind of dog you own, dog grooming is an essential part of a dog's health, stimulates the oils within the hair for a perfect coat.

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Dog Grooming Services - Newburgh


Newburgh resides on the A5209, only a 5-minute drive from your dog’s specialist dog grooming and spa treatments. To find us head down Cobbs Brow Lane and take a right onto Cobbs Clough Road. Then exit the roundabout, 3rd exit, onto Vale Lane. We’re on Vale Lane so keep an eye out for our logo! It’s bright pink so you shouldn’t miss it!


Our specialised treatments such as our Ozone Spa Bath, which is infused with mandarin and lemongrass, cater for a multitude of dog needs. During this treatment your dog is immersed in the soothing warm water of the ozone Spa Bath. These treatments include;


Hydrotherapy: Ozone is created in the water by ozone generator and released through the pad in the spa bath. The air bubbles and ozone forced in the water collide and burst, emitting ultrasonic waves in the bath water. The waves massage pooches' skin, loosens dirt and relaxes muscles.

Health Therapy: The heat of the water works with the ultrasonic waves to increase blood circulation to tired muscles, tendons and arthritic or rheumatic joints. This increased blood flow brings repair cells to the affected tissues and help them to heal faster. The negatively charged ions increase water oxygen levels and ozone act to detoxify the air and skin by killing the bacteria and viruses.

Aromatherapy: Mandarin and lemongrass are added to the bath to maximise the benefits of the treatment. We have a range of canine aromatherapy oils to choose from.

Chromotherapy: The Spa Bath includes a colour therapy function which is used to help correct energy imbalances. The colour choice range help invigorate the body and mind, induce deep relaxation, or stimulate energy and vitality.


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