Dog Grooming

We have a range of Dog Grooming services for all breed / types of dog. With options to add-on additional treatments such as a Spa Treatment.

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Spa Treatments

Your posh pooch can be bathed in luxurious aromatherapy oils that will ease stress and physical fatigue, relaxes joints and stimulates muscles.

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Grooming Matters

No matter what kind of dog you own, dog grooming is an essential part of a dog's health, stimulates the oils within the hair for a perfect coat.

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Dog Grooming Services - Westhead


We started our first-class dog grooming spa because we believe grooming has a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of dogs. Regardless of what kind of dog you own, grooming is an essential part of their health. Whether your dog has short hair, long hair or no hair at all, we have a range of treatments available.


Why your dog deserves a groom;


  • It teaches puppies to enjoy being handled, which can prevent them from biting in the future; it also deepens your bond. We recommend you start your grooms early so your pooch gets used to being groomed.
  • It removes dead hair, dirt and dandruff and stimulates the oils to spread over your dogs coat, which makes it healthier for your dog and less itchy.
  • It prevents matts from getting down to the skin (where hotspots can form)
  • Any skin disorders or cuts that maybe hidden in their fur is more easily noticed. Some of these conditions can be deadly if left untreated.
  • It allows you time to check for unusual lumps and bumps that you may not otherwise be able to see or feel.


To find us, head down Dick’s Lane then past the Plough in towards Spa Lane. Follow Spa Lane onto Vale lane and keep an eye out for our Dog Grooming Posh Pooches Sign!


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